technology change the future
Zcore semiconductor Co., Ltd. currently has a epitaxial plant, two fabs and two packaging plants, and made TS16949, ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality certification, but also awarded the world's automotive electronics systems, consumer electronics manufacturers, EMS factory best partner. ZCORE has a number of outstanding research and development patents in the world, with the strong partnership established by each customer, and steadily create a win-win enterprise development, standing in the forefront of the world's electronics market supply chain, ZCORE products and the global Consumers are closely linked. ZCORE's goal is to provide global customers - the most cost-effective and cost-effective solution for a wide range of products. These innovative products and solutions are widely used in automotive electronics, power management systems, lighting, industrial equipment, portable products , Communications equipment, consumer electronics and computer 3C products and other fields. ZCORE actively to enhance the international competitiveness of Chinese people as their responsibility, but also to the highest standards of environmental protection regulations for the production of the guidelines, the company to meet the green energy saving and carbon reduction and other environmental protection products and solutions to contribute to the community. The success of the future is dependent on the ability to observe existing markets and future market trends, thereby improving existing products or developing new products.